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Area Agency on Aging  (213) 738-4004

Social Security (800) 772-1213


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Your Medicare Enrollment Checklist

Simply follow these 4 simple steps:


Step 1: Ensure your Health Plan and your Primary Care Physician are contracted with PCAC IPA

If you are not certain, call PCAC Member Services at 1-844-722-2472 (Toll Free) to find out. If your health plan or your PCP are not contracted with PCAC IPA and you still want to join PCAC IPA, our Member Services Team can help you find a health plan and a Primary Care Physician with PCAC IPA to match your specific healthcare needs and preferences.


Step 2: Contact Your Current Health Plan’s Member Services

The number can be found on your medical insurance card. Tell them that you would like to join PCAC IPA (Primary Care Associates of California Medical Group IPA) and give them the name of your PCAC IPA Primary Care Physician.


Step 3: Confirm the PCAC IPA Physician’s Code for your Primary Care Physician is being used

If you do not take this step, you may not be enrolled in PCAC IPA and won’t have access to PCAC IPA’s network of physicians.


Step 4: Look For Your New Medical Insurance ID Card

Make sure your information and your doctor’s name is listed correctly and that it says Primary Care Associates of California Medical Group IPA” or “PCAC IPA” on your card. If this information is incorrect, call your insurance company again and repeat Steps 2 through 4.


Need assistance? Call PCAC Member Services at 1-844-722-2472 (Toll Free)